Midtown Emergency Dentist

Midtown Emergency Dentist

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Dental Trauma in Midtown

At the offices of Stanley Weiss DDS & Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS our Midtown emergency dentist handles a wide range of dental trauma emergencies. We’re open Monday through Friday and take walk-ins as well as patients who need immediate care and appointments. If you are suffering from a dental emergency, call us right away.

Dental trauma can take the form of a blow to the face or mouth, and emergencies can be toothaches in which the pain can become unbearable. Sometimes an endodontic procedure is needed. Endodontic procedures are safe, easy procedures to help rid a tooth of decay and damaged pulp and helps to save the tooth from needing extraction. Teeth contain pulp inside which nourishes the tooth surrounding it. If tooth decay sets in, the pulp inside the tooth can become damaged. Symptoms that pulp may be inflamed include sensitivity to heat and cold. It can become an emergency if it is extremely painful. Root canal procedures allow our Midtown emergency dentist to clean up the inside of the tooth and remove the infected pulp, which saves the entire tooth from needing extraction. Before your root canal, we provide evaluation and diagnosis of oral pain and schedule surgery for endodontics and treatment of damaged teeth. Today’s dental technology allows for root canals to be painless and without discomfort.

Our Midtown emergency dentist also provides care for cavities in which the tooth has had some decay. For more information on emergency procedures, call our offices today and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives. Patients can find directions to our offices on our website, get information and find out how to schedule appointments. Experience excellent dentistry with at our offices today and learn more about how we can help you and your family have the healthiest teeth possible.

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