Sleep apnea 10017

Sleep Apnea 10017

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Sleep apnea treatments in 10017

Sleep apnea 10017
Sleep apnea 10017

If you have sleep apnea 10017, it’s not just a nuisance. There are serious health implications which includes possible heart problems, and you should avail yourself of treatment here at the office of Stanley Weiss DDS & Emanuel Tennenbaum DDS.

For those not familiar, what happens with sleep apnea 10017 is that your airway narrows or closes complete while you’re sleeping; this happens repeatedly throughout the night, up to hundreds of times for some people, with your breathing becoming shallow and maybe stopping entirely for a few seconds. It’s a scary thought, but it’s a condition that is increasingly common. Because you are asleep when it’s happening, it is not always easy to detect. For a conclusive diagnosis, you will need a sleep study done, but you should be on the lookout for the following symptoms: feeling tired during the day even though you slept through the night, problems waking up in the morning, dry mouth or sore throat as soon as you wake up, a feeling of suddenly waking in the middle of the night with a sensation of choking or gasping, night sweats, morning headaches, and sexual dysfunction. The two biggest signs of all are snoring and restless sleep, but you will need a bed partner to tell you that, or it will be detected during the sleep study. When it is certain that you are suffering from sleep apnea 10017, our dentist can discuss the possible options when it comes to treatment, and ultimately identify the one that is most suitable to the severity, your unique circumstances, needs, and comfort level. The good news is that relief is not only possible, but a near certainty. You simply have to take the first step.

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